Bryan Adams - Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Interpret:Bryan Adams
Album-Titel:Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Label:BMG Rights Management

1. The Only One (live)
2. Take Me Back (live)
3. This Time (live)
4. I'm Ready (live)
5. What's It Gonna Be (live)
6. Don't Leave Me Lonely (live)
7. Let Him Know (live)
8. The Best Was Yet To Come (live)
9. Cuts Like A Knife (live)
10. Straight From The Heart (live)
11. : Into The Fire (live)
12. Heat Of The Night (live)
13. Victim Of Love (live)
14. Another Day (live)
15. Native Son (live)
16. Only The Strong Survive (live)
17. Rebel (live)
18. Remembrance Day (live)
19. Hearts On Fire (live)
20. Home Again (live)
21. Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya (live)
22. Hey Honey - I'm Packin' You In
23. Can't Stop This Thing We Started (live)
24. Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven (live)
25. Not Guilty (live)
26. Vanishing (live)
27. House Arrest (live)
28. Do I Have To Say The Words? (live)
29. There Will Never Be Another Tonight (live)
30. All I Want Is You (live)
31. Depend On Me (live)
32. Touch The Hand (live)
33. If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too) (live)
34. Don't Drop That Bomb On Me (live)
35. I Do It For You (live)