Children Of Bodom - A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom

Interpret:Children Of Bodom
Album-Titel:A Chapter Called Children Of Bodom
Vertrieb:Rough Trade

1. Under The Grass Clover (live)
2. Platitudes And Barren Words (live)
3. In Your Face (live)
4. Shovel Knockout (live)
5. Bodom Beach Terror (live)
6. Everytime I Die (live)
7. Halo Of Blood (live)
8. Are You Dead Yet (live)
9. Blooddrunk (live)
10. Worship Chaos (live)
11. Angels Don't Kill (live)
12. Follow The Reaper (live)
13. Deadnight Warrior (live)
14. Needled 24/7 (live)
15. Hate Me (live)
16. Hate Crew Deathroll (live)
17. Lake Bodom (live)
18. Downfall (live)